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2017: Avslutade avhandlingsprojekt

Humanekologiska avdelningen


Institutionen för kulturgeografi och ekonomisk geografi

Mikhail Martynovich

"Technology shifts, Labour Mobility and Transformation of Industry Spaces: Evidence from Swedish regions"

  • Presentation: The Swedish economy has undergone substantial structural change over last three decades. Overwhelming forces of ‘creative destruction’, technological progress and tertiarisation of the economy led to dramatic changes in Swedish industrial landscape which boosted economic development, while at the same time posing many challenges for policy-makers. Some of the most important challenges regard labour market dynamics in times of economic restructuring, and in particular, issues connected to labour mobility across regions, sectors and labour market states. In this project the lack of systematic discussion in the literature regarding the effects of the long-term evolution of regional economy on the regional labour market dynamics is addressed.

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Salvatore Paolo De Rosa

"The Political Ecology of Campania Waste Conflicts: geographies of contamination and grassroots movements’ remaking of socionatures"

  • Presentation: This research project focuses on the Campania waste conflicts from the perspective of political ecology in order to debunk reductionist explanations of the waste crisis and to assess critically the eco-political performances of grassroots movements emerged in response to an environment turned toxic. Two main questions lead the research effort. On the one hand, I seek to understand the power relations and the socio-ecological processes implicated in the production of “geographies of contamination”, asking how spaces of waste accumulation are produced and why they cause conflicts. On the other, I engage in an ethnography of grassroots mobilizations for investigating their imaginaries and practices of the society-nature nexus, asking why and how activists redefine and remake territory, community and knowledge throughout environmental conflicts. 

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Sarah Alobo

"Diversification Patterns and Livelihood Strategies of Rural Households: Characterization and the Role of Non-Farm Activities in Relation to Farm Activities. A Comparative Perspective from Senegal and Kenya"

  • Presentation: The overall objective of the study is to investigate the linkages between farm activities and non-farm activities, and the dynamic changes, among rural farm households in Kenya and Senegal. Some specific questions include: Are farmers moving away from farming into non-farming activities? What are the linkages between farm and non-farm activities? What are the patterns and determinants of diversification? 

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