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Human Geography

Ann-Katrin Bäcklund

Universitetslektor, docent

Human Geography

Organizational map over possible users of the SEAMLESS IF and their requirements.


  • Ann-Katrin Bäcklund
  • Liisa Martinsson

Summary, in English

The objective of these two deliverables is to get an overview of the European organisations that we have identified as probable users of the SEAMLESS IF (Section A) and to report on the users' requirements on such an assessment tool (Section B). The major characteristics of these organisations are described, along with their tasks in relation to assessment of agricultural and sustainability questions. Most, but not all, of the potential users described have been interviewed about their organisations. The answers they give report about to which extent and how they work with modelling today, what they estimate will be the most important agricultural and sustainability issues on the EU agenda in the years ahead, and which requirements their organisation would have on modelling tool to meet their needs. The first three questions are to be found under section A and the user requirements under section B.


  • Institutionen för kulturgeografi och ekonomisk geografi






Working paper


  • Human Geography


  • sustainability
  • user requirements
  • EU
  • agriculture
  • modelling




  • System for Environmental and Agricultural Modelling; Linking European Science and Society