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Anders Lund Hansen

  • Teaches on 6 courses
  • Course convener for SGEM24


Associate Professor of Human Geography and master programme (HUGE) manager. Educated at Copenhagen and Lund universities, and The Graduate Center of the University of New York (CUNY). Furthermore Lund Hansen has been visiting research scholar at: Centre for Social, Spatial & Economic Justice, University of British Columbia (UBC), 2014 & 2011; Department of Geography, National Taiwan University (NTU), Taiwan, 2007. Elected committee member of the International Critical Geography Group.

Main research interests: political economy/ecology, urban political geography, social geography, gentrification, housing, planning and visual methodologies.  

More information

Current research projects

FESSUD, FP7 Grant (2011-2016): Financialisation, Economy, Society and Sustainable Development . Our research aims to investigate relations between financialization of the built environment and urban regeneration and development in European cities. The research will analyze how financialization of the built environment – manifested in the expansion of REITs and similar forms of securitizations and networked financing of infrastructure – has impacted upon the politics and the social constitution of cities, and in turn impacted upon material flows, ecologically unequal exchange and conditions for sustainability.

CRUSH is a Strong Research Environment financed by FORMAS. It will run between 2014 and 2018 and its prime interest is the current acute housing crisis in Sweden. The aim of CRUSH is also to remain a flexible research platform that can engage with other emerging urban issues. CRUSH brings together researchers from Göteborg, Uppsala, Lund and Malmö who draw on critical theory to make sense of the contemporary city and in particular its housing condition.

ENTITLE is an EU-funded Initial Training Network under the Marie Curie action of FP7. It is coordinated by ICTA at the Autonomous University of Barcelona with the collaboration of 8 Universities, 2 Non-governmental organizations and 1 Environmental consultancy. ENTITLE will train 18 researchers in the emerging inter-disciplinary field of Political Ecology.


Publications (recent)


Journal articles

Larsen, Henrik Gutzon, Anders Lund Hansen, Gordon Macleod, Tom Slater (2016) Introduction: The Housing Question revisited (guest edited theme issue) ACME, (in press).

Baeten, Guy, Lawrence D. Berg, Anders Lund Hansen (2015) Introduction: Neoliberalism and post-welfare Nordic states in transition (guest edited theme issue) Geografiska Annaler Series B: Human Geography, 97, 3, 209-12.

Larsen, Henrik Gutzon & Anders Lund Hansen (2015) Commodifying Danish housing commons, Geografiska Annaler Series B: Human Geography, 97, 3, 263-274. (SSCI)

Lund Hansen, Anders (2013) Rum, neo-marxisme og forandring, Samfundsøkonomen, 4, 12-17.

Moisio, Sami, Kristian Stokke, Elin SætherHenrik Gutzon Larsen, Richard Ek, Anders Lund Hansen (2011) Interventions in Nordic political geographies, Political Geography, 30, 241-249.

Larsen, Henrik Gutzon & Anders Lund Hansen (2008) Gentrification - gentle or traumatic? Urban renewal policies and socio-cultural transformations in Copenhagen, Urban Studies, 45, 2429-2448.

Lund Hansen, Anders (2007) Space wars & walking through a liquid forest of symbols, Liminalities, 4, 1, (


Books / Theme Issues / Monographs

Larsen, Henrik Gutzon, Anders Lund Hansen, Gordon Macleod, Tom Slater (Eds.) (2016) The Housing Question revisited (guest edited theme issue) ACME, (forthcoming).

Lund Hansen, Anders, Lawrence D. Berg and Guy Baeten (Eds.) (2015) Neoliberalism and post-welfare Nordic states in transition (guest edited theme issue) Geografiska Annaler Series B: Human Geography, 97, 3.

Clark, Eric, Henrik Gutzon Larsen and Anders Lund Hansen (2015) Financialisation of Built Environments: A Literature Review. FESSUD Working Paper Series (52 pp.)

Lund Hansen, Anders, Henrik Gutzon Larsen, Adam Grydehøj and Eric Clark (2015) Financialisation of the Built Environment in Stockholm and Copenhagen. FESSUD Working Paper Series (74 pp.)

Stenfors, Alexis, Eric Clark, Ilia Farahani, Anders Lund Hansen and Marco Passarella (2014) The Swedish Financial System. FESSUD Studies in Financial Systems No. 13 (162 pp.)

Lund Hansen, Anders and Magnus Wennehag (Eds.) (2011) David Harvey: Ojämlikhetens nya geografi. Texter om stadens och rummets förändringar under den globala kapitalismen. Stockholm: Atlas (203 pp.)


Research review articles

Lund Hansen, Anders (2010) New York for sale: community planning confronts global real estate, by Tom Angotti, book review, Urban Studies, 47, 1826-1828.

Lund Hansen, Anders (2009) Smith, Neil. In Rob Kitchin and Nigel Thrift (Eds.) International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, 10, 163-164. Oxford, Elsevier.

Frederiksen, Lars, Anders Lund Hansen and Jan Vang (2005) Globalizing L.A.: trade, infrastructure, and regional development. By Steven P. Erie, Book review, Regional Studies, 39, 671-673.


Books and book chapters

Lund Hansen, Anders & René Karpantschof (2016) Last Stand or Renewed Urban Activism? The Copenhagen Youth House Uprising, 2007. In Margit Mayer, Catharina Thörn and Håkan Thörn (Eds.) Urban Uprisings: Challenging the neoliberal city in Europe. Berlin: Springer. (in press)

Larsen, Henrik Gutzon & Anders Lund Hansen (2014) Köpenhamn – varsam eller traumatisk gentrifiering? In Catharina Thörn and Helena Holgersson (Eds.) Gentrifiering. Lund: Studentlitteratur, 189-213.

Jou, Sue-Ching, Anders Lund Hansen and Hsin-Ling Wu (2012) Accumulation by dispossession and neoliberal urban planning: “landing” the mega-projects in Taipei. In Tuna Tasan-Kok and Guy Baeten (Eds.) The contradictions of neoliberal planning: cities, policies and politics. Berlin: Springer, 151-171.

Lund Hansen, Anders (2011) Christiania and the right to the city. In H. Thörn, Wasshede & T. Nilson (eds) Space for alternative urbanisms? Christiania 1971-2011. Göteborg: Gidlunds Förlag, 288-308.

Lund Hansen, Anders (2011) David Harveys återpolitisering av staden. In A. Lund Hansen & M. Wennehag (eds.) David Harvey: Ojämlikhetens nya geografi. Texter om stadens och rummets förändringar under den globala kapitalismen. Stockholm: Atlas, pp. 7-19.

Lund Hansen, Anders (2010) Forty years of system change: Lessons from the free city of Christiania. In L. Anders Sandberg and Tor Sandberg (Eds) Climate change—who’s carrying the burden? The chilly climates of the global environmental dilemma. Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), 217-230.

Lund Hansen, Anders (2009) Space wars and urban governance: creative and inhumane urban transformation. In Frank Echardt & Ingemar Elander (Eds) Urban Governance in Europe. Berlin: Berliner Wissenschaftsverlag BWV, 111-132.


Popular science publications including presentations

Larsen, Henrik Gutzon and Anders Lund Hansen (2016) An end to housing as a common good? Housing reforms in Denmark and Sweden (in German), Geographische Rundschau, (in press).

Larsen, Henrik Gutzon & Anders Lund Hansen (2012) Retten til byen. In John Andersen, Malene Freudendal-Pedersen, Lasse Koefoed  & Jonas Larsen (Eds.) Byen i bevægelse. Mobilitet, politik, performativitet. Roskilde: Samfundsliteratur, 131-147.

Larsen, Henrik Gutzon and Anders Lund Hansen (2009) Herskabeliggørelse – gentrification på dansk. Det Kongelige Danske Geografiske Selskabs Årsskrift 2009, special issue of Geografisk Orientering, December, 33-35.

Lund Hansen, Anders (2007) Globalization, scale, governance and planning (in Danish). In A. Jensen & J. Andersen (eds). Grundbog i Planlægning. Roskilde: RUC Forlag, 209-226.


Selected public presentations and media:

Public presentations:

‘Gentrification as a political tool?’ Public panel debate, Copenhagen Architectural Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark, 160310

‘Kampen om rummet – retten til byen’, Keynote, Conference for planning professionals, academics, and the public, Aarhus University, Denmark, 150813

‘De-politicizing and re-politicizing “development”: political ecologies of land, labor and energy in the “Global South”’, session chair /discussant, The 7th International Conference of Critical Geography (ICCG), Palestine, 150726

‘Visual methodology’, Session organizer/chair, The 5th Nordic Geographers Meeting (NGM), Reykjavik, Island, 11-14 June 2013

‘The Housing Question revisited’, public conference, Göteborgs Stadsmuseum, 140904

Alternative urban futures’, Urban Sustainability Forum’, free public event, University of British Columbia Kelowna, Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna, Canada, 140213

‘Speculating on slums’, (with Eric Clark), workshop, Royal Holloway University of London, UK, 120522

Perspektiv på det urbana rummet’, Presentation at Wigforssakademin, Viskadalens Folkhögskola, Sweden, 100207

Alternative community planning’, public debate, Christianshavns Beboerhus, Copenhagen, Denmark, 091202

The conflictual landscapes of liquid modernity’, Public lecture, The Museum of Sketches for Public Art, Lund University, Sweden, 070919



’Bolig’, P1 Apropos, Denmark,140909

‘Var ska vi bo när staden blir ett varumärke?’, SVT Debat, Sweden,140322

’Urban Sustainability’, UBCO TV, Canada, 140414

‘Studerende er Lunds hjerte og sjæl,’ Dagbladet Information, 14-16, 100830

‘Den gode by’, P1 Formiddag, July 14 2010 kl. 09:07 (53 min.) (

‘Byerne er blevet pæne’, P1 Formiddag, Denmark, 090522

 ‘Fler aktioner när hyresrätterna blir färre’, Sydsvenskan, 090515

‘Der er ingen pointe. Det er pointen’, Dagbladet Information, 090510

‘Lockande byggen’, Svenska Dagbladet, 090426

‘Experimentet Ørestaden’, Berlingske Tidende Business, 4-6, 080601


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