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Study break/leave or interruption of studies

Study break

Study leave/break should be approved by your programme administration. It can be approved with or without a place guarantee. Place guarantee can be granted if there are special social, medical, or other reasons for it, like taking care of a sick child, military service or employment at a student union. If you don't get place guarantee you can return to your studies after the break when there are free places on the programme.

Please note that different programmes have different specific rules for approval of a study leave/break. In general, study leave/break can be approved only for 1 academic year at a time. Contact your study advisor to get more information about taking study leave/break.

Decisions on study leave can be appealed to the Higher Education Appeals Board. The appeal is to be sent to Lund University, Box 117, 221 00 Lund. The appeal is to state which decision is being appealed against and the change requested as well as a justification for this change. The appeal must be signed and include an address (preferably also a telephone number and email address). Appeals must be placed within three weeks of the day the appellant was notified of the decision. Read more on the website of the appeals board.

Interruption of studies

If you decide to interrupt your studies, you should always inform your study advisor as soon as possible. In that way, a waiting student might be able to take your place.

If you do an early course discontinuation, i.e. if you drop-out from a course/programme during first 3 weeks of studies, you need to register the cancellation in the Student Portal. If you register an early cancellation, the course/programme registration will be completely deleted from your study record.

If you drop-out from a course/programme after the first 3 weeks of studies, it will be mentioned in your study record. Such a cancellation needs to be registered in Ladok by the department administrative staff. 

Leave the application to your study advisor or to the student office during office hours.