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Study mentors

If you study basic courses in Human Geography (SGEA20) or Human Ecology (HEKA12), you can get help from our SI study mentors. Students from Bachelor's in Development Studies have a separate study mentors network.

If you are a new student

Study mentors help you with study technique and academic aspects. They can assist you in everything from discussions about scientific concepts to tips about how to prepare for an exam. Mentor meeting are complementary activities to your ordinary programme studies. The meetings are led by a "mentor", an experienced student who has successfully finitied the relevant course. Please note that mentors cannot and are not supposed to take the role of teachers. Dates and times for mentor meetings are usually published through LiveatLund.

Informal meetings

Mentor meetings are volunteer, informal and promoting an atmosphere where there is no such thing as "stupid questions". You can influence the content of those meetings. If you take part in mentor meetings regularly, you get a better chance of successfully finishing your studies and receiving high grades. Another advantages is that you will meet your classmates more often, learn new study techniques, master group work, and develop critical thinking.

There are no limits or requirements to become a mentee - everyone is welcome!

If you would like to become a mentee or a mentor, please contact expeditionen [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se.



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