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The KEG Podcast

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Welcome to the first season of the KEG-podcast. In each episode, we meet researchers and discuss new research in human geography. The interviews are conducted in Swedish and English, and the conversations are led by August Ambjörnsson, project assistant.

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Episode 1

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Stine Madsen discusses the Danish Waste Sector and sustainability transition in the first episode of the KEG Podcast

The first episode of the KEG Podcast is finally out! Listen to researcher Stine Madsen and August Ambjörnsson discussing Stines thesis "Pursuing a Circular Economy in the Danish Waste Sector: Scale and Transition Dynamics in Transformative Innovation Policy". Themes of this episode are waste management, sustainability transitions and the circular economy.

The episode was recorded on 17 March 2023.

The KEG Podcast can be found at Spotify, Acast, Podcaster and more .

Listen to the episode with Stine Madsen

Episode 2

Ola and Mattias in episode two of the ked podcast. illustration
Ola and Mattias discuss Ai and GIS as tools to map poverty in episode 2 of the KEG Podcast.

In the second episode of the KEG podcast, we get to hear Ola Hall, a cultural geographer and head of the department, and Mattias Ohlsson, a computational biologist and Professor at Centre for Environmental and Climate Science (CEC), talk about the use of GIS and AI for mapping poverty. The conversation is held in Swedish and moderated by August Ambjörnsson. 

The conversation in this episode is held in Swedish.

Listen to the episode with Mattias and Ola

Episode 3

portrait of vasna ramasar. photo
Vasna Ramasar talks about human ecology, energy justice and research on Swedish energy landscapes.

In this episode August Ambjörnsson talks to human ecologist Vasna Ramasar about energy justice and research on Swedish energy landscapes.

Vasna Ramasar is a senior lecturer at the Department of Human Geography within the Division of Human Ecology, and a research affiliate at the Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS). She has 10 years research, activism, consulting and teaching experience across southern and eastern Africa, Asia, Europe and north America. Vasna Ramasar is most interested trying to understand the big picture of how people and planetary dynamics come together, the complexity of these interactions and implications for justice. She is supporting a resistance to the unsustainable hegemonic system and the creation of radical alternatives.

Listen to the episode with Vasna Ramasar.

Read more about Vasna's research at Lund University Research Portal.

The language spoken in this episode of The KEG Podcast is English. 
The Episode was recorded 2023-10-27.

Episode 4 

With Linda Stihl we discuss old industrial regions.

In this episode, we talk about Linda Stihl's thesis Change agency in (old) industrial regions - Shaping new futures. Linda takes us to Olofström, Borås and Kiruna, to tell us about the importance of local agency in regional crises.

Listen to the Episode here

Read Linda's thesis here


Episode 5

Johan Miörner portrai photo. photo
In Episode 5 Johan Miörner talks about small-scale water infrastructure and innovation.

In the last episode of the season, we meet Johan Miörner and talk about small-scale water infrastructure and innovation that contributes to a sustainable transition. We talk about Helsingborg and Bangalore, two cities implementing small-scale sanitation infrastructure that can teach us a lot about how to take care of water in a more sustainable way.

The conversation is held in Swedish and led by August Ambjörnsson.

Listen to the episode here:

Read more about Johan's research at Lund University Research Portal

You will find all the episodes here.

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KEG-podden is a podcast produced by the Department of Human Geography and Economic Geography at Lund University.

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