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Plans and policies

Here you can find strategic documents and policies that are developed and implemented by our department. 

Strategy for the work environment

The Department of Human Geography strives for a good and safe working environment. Read more about this in our working environment policy document.

Gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity

The responsibility for the department’s work on gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity rests with the head of department. The day-to-day work on these issues, is however, carried out by the working group on Gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity.

The working group on Gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity reports to the department board and is mandated to document, monitor and provide information on issues related to gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity of relevance to the department. The aim is to raise awareness, knowledge and involvement on these matters among the staff and students at the department. The group produces information materials and suggestions for procedures and actions for improvement related to its mandate for presentation to the board and the management of the department.

The group consists of the following members:


Policy to counteract victimisation and discrimination at the Department of Human Geography

Reg. no. STYR 2018/682, 2018-04-03

Information brief on post-doctoral appointments

Reg. no. STYR 2018/1981, 2018-12-11

Systematic fire prevention work

At Lund University we continuously work on fire prevention precautions that protect life, health and property, and promote the organization which ensures an ongoing operation of activities. Anyone visiting the university premises: employees, students and visitors - should feel secure in terms of fire prevention and the opportunity for safe evacuation.

Both staff and student have a responsibility to to try and minimise the risk of illness and accidents. Necessary information can be found in Safety brochure for staffSafety brochure for students or

You can learn more about the department of Human Geography’s systematic fire prevention work by reading Systematic fire safety management (PDF, new tab).


ALERT those around you

SAVE and help people who are in immediate danger. Close doors and windows.

CALL the emergency services on 112

EXTINGUISH the fire if you can do so without taking any unnecessary risks.

EVACUATE the building via the evacuation routes. Choose a smoke-free route and evacuate via the stairs.

HEAD FOR THE ASSEMBLY POINT and wait there for information from the management or emergency services. The assembly point for Geocentrum 1 is at the southern end of the parking lot behind the building (between Geocentrum 1 and Gerdahallen, in the direction of the city centre). Students should gather around their lecturer. If anyone is missing or injured, report it immediately. Do not return inside the building until permission is given by the emergency services.

In case of evacuation, one evacuation leader is needed for each floor of the building. No particular people are appointed to be evacuation leaders. One volunteer per floor takes on the role as evacuation leader in case of evacuation. There is a jacket in the corridor. The evacuation leader’s task is to check that nobody remains on the floor in question. The evacuation leader is to check all the rooms on the floor, including the lavatories and the lift. The evacuation leader informs the emergency services that the floor is empty. Then the evacuation leaders guard the building’s entrances so that nobody re-enters the building. The emergency services announce when it is safe to re-enter the building.


At Geocentrum I the systematic fire prevention work is conducted jointly by the Akademiska hus (property owners), Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Analysis (responsible for floors 0 and 2) and the Department of Human Geography (responsible for floors 1, 3, 4 and 5).

The Head of department is responsible for the fire prevention work. Work duties are however delegated to a fire safety officer at KEG.

Fire safety officers at Geocentre 1:
Marcin Jackowicz-Korczynski (marcin [dot] jackowicz-korczynski [at] nateko [dot] lu [dot] se (marcin[dot]jackowicz-korczynski[at]nateko[dot]lu[dot]se), 046-222 37 94)
Arvin Khoshnood (arvin [dot] khoshnood [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se (arvin[dot]khoshnood[at]keg[dot]lu[dot]se), +46 46 222 86 90)

Delegation of systematic fire prevention work (in Swedish)