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Room booking

As a student at our department you have the possibility to book a venue for guest lectures, seminars, mentoring meetings etc. Please read the information below and contact the student office at expeditionen [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se for help with this.

The venues available for booking are Rio, Johannesburg, Flygeln och Världen. Those venues are available for free for study related events such as film screening, guest lectures, seminars, mentor meetings etc, that are arranged by and only for the department's students and SPiL.

In order to book a room or venue, you need to sign a rental agreement at the Student Office. The venues are generally not available during weekends or holidays. Bookings need to be made at least one week in advance but preferably even earlier.


When booking a venue at the Department of Human Geography (KEG), the following rules apply:

  • Each program/student group/association (that books a room free of charge), can book venues at the department a maximum of 3 times per month.
  • The responsible should bring their personal LU card when doing the booking if doors need to be locked up at the time of booking.
  • The responsible shall make sure that external doors are closed and not propped open during the booking.
  • When booking Sky High, an employee from the Department needs to be present during the entire booking. The responsible needs to find a voluntary employee him/herself.

Upon returning the venue, the following should be done:

  • Lockable doors and windows should be closed
  • Furniture should be placed as it was
  • Tables should be wiped off if refreshments have been consumed
  • Any dishes should be washed up, dried and put away
  • Lights and projector should be turned off

If the rules are not followed, the responsible will be charged for the time the department spends on restoring the venue. If furnishings, equipment or materials are sabotaged, destroyed or lost during the booking the responsible must reimburse the department for the costs of repairing or purchasing a new replacement product of equivalent quality. If the room is abused or neglected during the booking, the responsible and any of those who used the booking will be deprived of the opportunity to book a room at the department.

The LU access card

When the rental agreement is signed at the Student Office, you will get access to the venue with your LU access card. Please note that access will always be given to the person whose name is on the rental agreement. If another student should have access, please notify the Student Office well in advance.

In order for your card to work you need to update it on the same day, by the department main entrance (hold it up against the small gray box until there is a green light).

External renting

Organisations or groups who are not part of our programmes or freestanding courses have the possibility to rent our venues. For more information on how to rent one of our venues, please see our Swedish website.