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HUGE - Master's in Human Geography

Language of studies: English

The master programme in Human Geography prepares you for a wide range of professions in public service, non-governmental organisations and the private sector. Human Geography is about the ways in which spaces, places and environments are both the condition for and the consequence of human activities.

A geographical perspective

Why do uneven geographies between people, neighbourhoods, cities, regions and countries develop? How do processes of globalisation and localisation affect firms and industries, people and places? What drives geographical changes – and are the geographies of such change socially and environmentally just? What can governments, companies, NGOs, activists and other actors at all scales do to address the big challenges of our time? These are the kind of questions human geographers ask and address.

A broad view on human activities

As human geographers, we take a broad view on human activities as cultural, economic, social, political and environmental, and we approach topics from distinctly geographical perspectives. Human geographers add sensitivity to space and place to social, gender, political, economic and environmental enquiry, and we frequently draw on elements from the natural sciences and the humanities.

Whether it is to address pressing problems facing our societies, or to investigate what brings about such problems, the Department of Human Geography is – also in the work of its students – committed to critical and independent scholarship.

Internationally recognized research

The programme builds on the internationally recognised research by the academic staff at the Department of Human Geography. Our courses  introduce you to the theoretical foundations as well as the research frontiers of the field, and they prepare you to develop and carry out your own advanced research in the MSc thesis.

Programme structure and courses

Career prospects

Human Geography provides you with skills and knowledge to address the human-geographical issues that concern you, and the programme prepares you for a broad range of professions and activities, including further studies on the PhD level. Through activities such as excursions, laboratories, guest lectures and assignments, theory is linked to practice, and students that follow an internship during their programme often use it as a steppingstone to develop their career.

Career prospects for human geographers

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HUGE Contact Details

Programme Manager
Anders Lund Hansen
Tel: 046-222 87 62
anders [dot] lund_hansen [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se

Academic Advisor
Asli Kilicaslan
huge [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se

Further programme information

Programme Overview

Programme Syllabus