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PhD in Human Geography

At present around fifteen Ph.D. candidates are pursuing their Ph. D.s at the Department within the different research groups found at the Department. Ph.D. positions are financed by the Department, or through external funding, with most Ph.D. projects being funded externally. Since the amount of external funding varies from one year to another it is very difficult to predict when opportunities for Ph.D. positions become available and in what sub-fields they are opened. To be able to provide supervision, the Department only admits Ph.D. candidates within fields of current research. It is not possible to be admitted to the Ph.D. programme without being fully financed. The Department only handles Ph.D. applications in relation to advertised positions. Ph. D. positions are advertised through the Lund University website.

To qualify for the doctoral programme the applicant needs to fulfil the general requirements of at least 240 course credits, out of which 60 credits need to have been taken at the Advanced level. In addition, the candidate needs to have completed 30 credits in Human or Economic Geography, or related field, at the Advanced level, with 15 credits or more being comprised of a thesis. 

The doctoral programme consists of coursework as well as the writing of a thesis. The thesis can be in the form of either a monograph or a compilation thesis. 

In 2014 the general syllabus of the Ph.D. programme was updated. Ph.D. candidates who were accepted under the 2007 general syllabus can choose which syllabus to follow. Candidates admitted to the programme in 2015 will be following the new syllabus.

Courses and activities offered within the Ph.D. programme

SASK001 Specialization course, general reading course

SASK001 Literature

SASK002 Specialization course, specialized reading course

SAKO001 Specialization course - conference participation I

SAKO002 Specialization course - conference participation II

SAKO003  Specialization course - conference participation III

SASD001 Specialization Course, seminar participation and participation in doctoral activities

SASP002 Specialization course – thesis plan

The Department is a member of the national research program in human and economic geography.

Courses that are offered within the programme

PHD Education in Human Geography

Director of Studies for PhD education in Human Geography

Henrik Gutzon Larsen

henrik_gutzon [dot] larsen [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se