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Henrik Gutzon Larsen

Although broadly based within the field of human geography, my research interests generally revolve around relationships between politics and geography; that is, between power, space and place. More specifically, my current research addresses questions concerning urban politics and change, housing, histories of geographical thought and (small-state) geopolitics. I have also addressed issues relating to political geographies of large-scale environmental politics.

I am currently engaged in these collaborative research projects:

Many of my research results are available at



Jakobsen, P. & Larsen, H.G. (in press) An alternative for whom? The evolution and socio-economy of Danish cohousingUrban Research & Practice.

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Book chapters

Larsen, H.G. & Lund Hansen, A. (2014) Köpenhamn – varsam eller traumatisk gentrifiering? [Copenhagen – gentle or traumatic gentrification?] In C. Thörn & H. Holgersson (eds.) Gentrifiering, pp. 189-213. Lund: Studentlitteratur.

Larsen, H.G. & Lund Hansen, A. (2012) Retten til byen [The right to the city]. In J. Andersen, M. Freudendal-Pedersen, L. Koefoed & J. Larsen (eds.) Byen i bevægelse, pp. 131-147. Frederiksberg: Roskilde University Press.

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Larsen, H.G. (2003) Environmental boundaries of inclusion. In E. Berg and H. van Houtum (eds.) Routing borders between territories, discourses and practices, pp. 99-118. Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing.


Larsen, H.G. & Lund Hansen, A. (2016) Wohnen als öffentliches Gut auf dem Prüfstand: Wohnungsreformen in Dänemark und Schweden. Geographische Rundschau, no. 6 (2016): 26-31.

Larsen, H.G. (2013) Kampen gælder realiteter: Gudmund Hatts geografiske verdensbillede [The struggle concerns realities: Gudmund Hatt’s geographical worldview]. Geografisk Orientering 43(5): 16-20.

Larsen, H.G. & Lund Hansen, A. (2009) Herskabeliggørelse – gentrification på dansk [‘Herskabeliggørelse’ – gentrification in Danish]. Geografisk Orientering 39 (special issue): 33-35.

Larsen, H.G. (2008) Scavenius’ geograf: Gudmund Hatt og geopolitikken [Scavenius’ geographer: Gudmund Hatt’s geopolitics]. In M. K. Hansen and O. Mertz (eds.) Geografi 2007, pp. 44-46. Copenhagen: The Royal Danish Geographical Society.

Larsen, H.G. (2000) Kronikk: Det grønne geopolitiske blikk [Feature article: The green geopolitical gaze]. Morgenbladet, Oslo, 14 July 2000.

Book reviews

Larsen, H.G. (2011) Simon Dalby: Security and Environmental Change. Geografiska Annaler B 93(2): 186-187.

Larsen, H.G. (2011) Kortpolitik – storpolitikkens kartografiske realitet (review of Jeppe Strandsbjerg, ‘Territory, Globalization and International Relations’). Politik 14(1): 66-67.


Lund Hansen, A., Larsen, H.G., Grydehøj, A. & Clark, E. (2015) Financialisation of the built environment in Stockholm and Copenhagen (FESSUD Working Paper Series, no. 115).

Clark, E., Larsen, H.G. & Lund Hansen, A. (2015) Financialisation of built environments: A literature review (FESSUD Working Papers Series, no. 114).

Larsen, H.G. (2009) Gudmund Hatt og geopolitikken – en kommenteret bibliografi [Gudmund Hatt’s geopolitics: an annotated bibliography] (Skriftserien 2009-1). Aalborg: Department of Development and Planning.


Human Geography
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