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PhD in Human Ecology

The PhD programme in Human Ecology would make it possible for the post-graduate:

  • to acquire a deeper knowledge of human ecological processes at both local and global levels with interpretation of their mutual consistency;
  • to develop the ability to integrate different perspectives in order to foster the growth of more multifaceted insights on specific socio-ecological systems,
  • to develop a perspective that combines a critical engagement with the global environmental and development issues with epistemological maturity and analytical precision,
  • to apply these skills and knowledge in a scientific thesis.

Courses and activities offered within the Ph.D. programme

SAHE001 Reading course in the Theory of Science

SAHE002 Reading course in Central Theory in Human Ecology

SAHE003 Reading course in Methodological Specialization

SAHE004 Reading course in Thematic Specialization

SAHE005 Participation in Research Seminars

SAHE006 Specialized reading course adapted to specific needs of the doctoral student

Core reading lists for compulsory doctoral courses in Human Ecology

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