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Doctoral seminars

When a doctoral seminar is to take place, information about date, place and research area will be presented here.

Doctoral seminars/defenses autumn 2020, KEG/HEK:



October 8, 10.00-12.00. Ibrahim Wahab, Defense Doctoral Thesis

A bird's eye-view of smallholder productivity- Current measurement shortfalls, farmer perceptions and rationality on rainfed family farms in Ghana

Opponent: Dr. Jordan Chamberlin of the  International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT), Nairobi, Kenya

Venue: Will be streamed live. Joining with this link means you can follow the defense act, but you cannot speak via the link. Passcode 624521 required. 

Join via Zoom here

It is also possible to join from the zoom app with:
Webinar ID: 699 3740 3072

Passcode: 624521


September 18, 13.00-15.00. Katherine Burlingame, Defense Doctoral Thesis

Dead Landscapes – and how to make them live

Opponent: David Harvey, Associate Professor in Critical Heritage Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark

Venue: Streamed live - a link will be added the day before the event.


Doctoral seminars/defenses autumn 2019, KEG/HEK:


October 22nd, 16.15. Selorm Kugbega, KEG, First year seminar:

- Smallholder Commercialization, differentiation dynamics and processes of Agri-based Structural Transformation in Rural Ghana. An Examination of land tenure Implications of State-Led Initiatives for Agrarian Change.

Discussant: Professor Anne Jerneck, LUCSUS, Lund University

Venue: Malmö


November 28th, 13.15. Ibrahim Wahab, KEG, Final seminar:

A bird's-eye view to smallholder productivity: Current yield measurement shortfalls, farmer perceptions and rationality on rainfed family farms in Ghana

Discussant: Professor Lennart Olsson, LUCSUS, Lund University

Venue: Malmö


December 11th, 10.15. Andreas Roos, HEK, Midterm seminar.

Earthing philosophy of technology: The need for philosophical materialism in calibrating the technosphere to the biosphere

Discussant: Associate senior lecturer Wim Carton, LUCSUS, Lund University

Venue: Malmö


December 17th, 10.00. Johan Miörner, KEG, Defense Doctoral Thesis

(Re-)shaping regional economies – Regional innovation system dynamics and new industrial path development

Opponent: Professor Stig-Erik Jakobsen, Mohn center for innovation and regional development, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Venue: ‘Världen’, Geocentrum I, ground floor, Sölvegatan 10, Lund

For more upcoming events, please see our calendar. 

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