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Doctoral seminars

When a doctoral seminar is to take place, information about date, place and research area will be presented here.


Autumn semester


Fri, 16 November, 13.00.

Sarah Kollnig, Human ecology, Defense:

- The Coloniality of Taste. A political ecology of middle class food practices in a Bolivian city
Opponent: Professor Andrew Canessa, University of Essex, UK
Venue: Lecture room Ostrom, building Josephson, Biskopsgatan 5

Tue, 20 November, 13.15 - 15.

Kadri Kuusk, Human geography, Midterm seminar:
- On related variety and regional growth
Discussant: Associated Professor Martin Henning, Department of Business Administration, Göteborg University
Venue: Utopia

Thu, 6 December, 11.00.

Samuel Omondi, Human geography, Defense.
- Urban-based Agriculture and Poultry Production. The case of Kisumu and Thika in Kenya
Opponent: Dr Karl M. Rich, International Livestock Research Intitute, Viet Nam
Venue: Världen

Mon, 17 December, 10.15-12.

Stine Hach Juul Madsen, Human geography, Midterm seminar:
- Where to now? Directionality in the implementation of challenge-driven innovation policy
Discussant: Senior lect. Markus Grillitch, KEG
Venue: Malmö



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