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Research project in Human Ecology

Project's title: Time, Memory, Representation 

Project's duration: 2010-2015

Contact person: Alf Hornborg

Research project's homepage


Time, Memory and Representation is a research program that gathers 27 scholars from 14 different disciplines, for a joint exploration and development of recent transformations in historical consciousness, and its implications for the human and historical sciences. The program is funded by The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation. It is organized from Södertörn University, but researchers are recruited from all six major universities in Sweden (Uppsala, Lund, Stockholm, Göteborg, Linköping, and Umeå).

Further, an international board of experts contributes to Time, Memory, Representation with expertise in various fields covered by the program. Since the launching of the program in 2010, it has organized eight internal two-day symposia, as well as a number of co-organized scholarly events and conferences aimed at a broader academic and public audience.

The members of the international advisory board Hayden White, Joan Scott, Aleida Assmann, Nick Couldry, Frank Ankersmit, Jeanne Marie Gagnebin de Bons and Walter Mignolo have held public lectures at Södertörn University, as well as joint seminars with the group of TMR scholars. As part of the conferences, artists and writers working on issues of memory and representations of history have been invited to discuss with the researchers, among them Esther Shalev-Gertz and Mikael Lundberg, as well as Ola Larsmo and Steve Sem-Sandberg.

So far, the program has produced one joint publication, “Rethinking Time”. Presently the program is preparing a three-part volume in Swedish around the topic “The Ethos of History” (Historiens hemvist), with individual volumes focusing on “Theories of Time and Historicity”, “Ethics, Politics, and the Historian’s Responsibility”, and “Medialization, Materiality and the Technology of Memory”, to be published in 2015.

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