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Meet Hannah! our student ambassador for the Master’s programme in Human Ecology- Culture, Power and Sustainability (Cps)

Master student sitting and

Why did you choose Lund University? 

– What drew me to Lund initially was the programme that I am now studying. However, the city and Swedish culture made me settle on the university. Lund seemed very similar to the city where I studied for my B.A. with an even greater focus on environmental sustainability, which is important to me. I didn’t get a chance to visit Lund before moving in for the first time, perhaps that was risky… but if it was, it was a risk worth taking!

What are your first impressions of your programme? Does it meet your expectations? 

– I chose the programme as I thought it was one of the few programmes in the social science/environmental studies space with a specific focus on how class inequality interacts with the climate crisis. I wanted to do a Master’s degree in a programme that was self-aware, and unafraid to grapple with the contradictions and uncomfortable ecological truths stemming from capitalism. So far, it has fulfilled my expectations as I’ve learned about the unalloyed truth of climate crisis; with my coursemates and academic staff, I’ve learned how to navigate emotions that arise from knowing about what is happening to our planet, and we continually share our strategies for creating the world we want to see.

What have been the highlights of your first months in Lund? 

– Certainly, the people in my programme. Outside of our formal contact hours, we’ve organised many events together: potlucks, fika, beach trips, hikes, dinners – the list goes on! They have brightened my time here in so many ways. I’ve also loved engaging with the nations as well as being in Lund’s other political spaces... like India Däck, a feminist book café!

What do you think of the teaching style in Sweden? 

– I was looking for a Master’s programme that would allow me to pursue my academic interests in my free time while enjoying a good social life. I would say the teaching style in Sweden is ideal for this. There are fewer contact hours than I am used to in the UK, which took a little getting used to, but it helps keep my academic pursuits in perspective. Overall, I would say Sweden certainly has a less competitive environment for study compared to the UK, which I appreciate very much.

How international is your programme? 

– Very international! It’s one of the things I love about my programme! Most of my classmates come from outside of Sweden. It has been such a joy to learn about my friends’ backgrounds and interests, in all their diversity! I very much hope to visit some of my classmates during our vacations and invite them to the UK very soon.

What are you most looking forward to in your programme? 

– I must say that I am really excited about what semester 3 may bring. We can either choose elective courses or go on an internship. I’m not certain which one I will pick yet, but I am very much looking forward to it – having such academic freedom is not something I have experienced before!

Stay tuned! A more comprehensive testimonial from this student will be published once they have completed their first semester at Lund and have more insights to share about their programme. 

Have more questions for Hannah? 

– I am happy to answer any questions you might have about the programme, courses, student life, and life in Lund and Sweden via the Unibuddy Platform, where you can chat with me (see below). Please note that I cannot answer questions about the application process, scholarships, or residence permits. 

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