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Eric Clark

  • Teaches on 4 courses


Professor of Human Geography at Lund University since 1998, Elected Member of the Royal Society of Letters in Lund since 2005, and Editor, Geografiska Annaler Series B: Human Geography 1999-2008. Fellowships and visiting positions at Glasgow University (1994), Hanse Institute for Advanced Studies in Delmenhorst (2002), National Taiwan University (2010) and University of British Columbia (2011). Before returning to Lund, positions at universities of Oslo, Copenhagen and Uppsala. 

My research interests include: political economy of space and processes of social geographic change, especially land rent as underlying force behind gentrification, financialization of built environments, land grabbing, and related processes of accumulation by dispossession; political ecology, especially ecologically unequal exchange and landesque capital; biocultural (society-nature) coevolution; and all of the above in relation to (in)equality and sustainability. Most of my work focuses on urban contexts, but some of my more recent research into historical political ecology and (sustainable) development focuses on islands. I am vice chair of the International Geographical Union Commission on Islands, and member of the advisory board of the International Small Island Studies Association.

My teaching includes supervision of theses, lectures and field trips in PhD and masters courses in human geography and human ecology, and in our planning program.


Current research projects

I am currently engaged in four major research programmes: the Lund University Centre of Excellence for the Integration of Social and Natural Dimensions of Sustainability (LUCID, a Linneaus Grant program); Financialisation, Economy, Society and Sustainable Development (FESSUD, FP7 Grant); European Network for Political Ecology (ENTITLE; EU Initial Training Network under the Marie Curie action of FP7); and Towards new forms of urban governance and city development: learning from URBan Experiments with Living Labs & City Labs (URB@Exp, an Urban Europe program). During 2013-14 I also participate in a Pufendorf Theme at Lund University (Sustainable Welfare). My research in LUCID focuses on the rescaling of rent gaps in relation to land grabbing and accumulation by dispossession, and on ecologically unequal exchange in relation to formation or destruction of landesque capital. My research in FESSUD aims to investigate relations between financialization of the built environment and urban regeneration and development in European cities. The research will analyze how financialization of the built environment has impacted upon the politics and the social constitution of cities, and conditions for sustainability. Eric Clark Eric Ckark




Human Geography
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