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BIDS - Bachelor's in Development Studies

Language of studies: English

The program offers both the background theoretical knowledge and the practical skills needed to work in development-related fields. Students also gain a critical social science approach that prepares them for postgraduate studies and assists them in various professions within government agencies, private firms and NGOs.

Economic, social and political processes

The Bachelor’s Programme in Development Studies is an interdisciplinary program with a focus on economic, social and political processes and their linkages to development cooperation. The aim is to provide the knowledge needed in order to critically examine and understand the preconditions for, and process of, development. 

Career prospects

After completion of Bachelor's Programme in Development Studies students get a Bachelor's Degree in Development Studies with major in Sociology or Human Geography or Political Science or Economic History (depending on one's choice). Therefore students are not limited by certain qualifications and can choose from a wide variety of professions and working positions. It could be anything from administration and information management to consultancy. 

Programme Overview

Programme Syllabus (PDF, new tab)

Internship/Field studies

During the 6th semester of the program you have the opportunity to do an internship or to conduct field studies through the department of your major.

More information about Internship and Field studies (PDF, new tab)


BIDS Contact details

Programme director

Jeanne Cilliers

bids [dot] dir [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se (bids[dot]dir[at]keg[dot]lu[dot]se)

Programme coordinator and academic advisor
bids [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se (bids[at]keg[dot]lu[dot]se)