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CPS - Master's in Human Ecology

Language of studies: English
The Master’s Programme Human Ecology: Culture, Power, and Sustainability (CPS) is aimed at students who wish to gain advanced competence in Human Ecology. Examples of professions include education, journalism, environmental management, work in government and international agencies and development aid. The programme also prepares students for postgraduate studies.

Culture, power and sustainability

The master's programme in Human Ecology provides trans-disciplinary perspectives and analytical tools for communicating about problems of sustainability. The programme represents an important complement to technological and natural science approaches to sustainability by focusing on the cultural dimensions of consumption and resource use, cultural perceptions of environment and economy, and social science perspectives on the global distribution of environmental problems. 

A central aim is to help students develop skills in communicating across boundaries separating the discourses of different disciplines, cultural traditions, or the interests of business, politics, and social movements.

Career prospects

The capacity to communicate and negotiate issues of global sustainability will be increasingly important for a wide range of professions, including careers in education, journalism, public and private management, development aid, and non-governmental organizations devoted to achieving a globally sustainable development.

In these sectors, trans-disciplinary approaches combining perspectives from both the natural and the social sciences can be expected to be increasingly in demand.

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Programme Overview

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Programme Manager

Vasna Ramasar

vasna [dot] ramasar [at] hek [dot] lu [dot] se

Academic Advisor
Ingrid Altamirano
CPS [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se

The Department of Human Geography
and the Human Ecology Division

Address: Sölvegatan 10,
223 62 Lund
Phone: 046-222 17 59

Faculty of Social Sciences