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Admission Statistics

Specific entry requirements include the upper secondary level Swedish courses you must have the equivalent of from your previous studies. All foreign grades will be recalculated to fit this Swedish standard.

Read about entry requirements for Bachelor's studies on the website.

University Admissions

University Admissions is responsible for the admissions process together with Sweden's universities. On this website, you can find all the information you need in order to apply to a Swedish University. 

Here is a link to a quick guide to the admissions process in Sweden. 

Qualifications Assessment Tool

On the website 'Swedish Council for Higher Education' you can find a tool that provides you with an immediate response indicating what your foreign qualifications are equivalent to in Sweden. You can find the tool here. 

Bachelor's in Development Studies accepts around 80 students each year. In the menus below you find admission statistics for the program. 

Selection groups

The grades selection group is divided into three groups: Betygsgrupp I (grades group I) ”BI”, betygsgrupp II (grades group II) ”BII” and folkhögskolegruppen (folk high school group) ”BF”. 

In grades group I (BI), often called the direct group, are students who meet the entry requirements for their course or programme with their foreign upper secondary qualifications plus grades in Swedish, English and in some cases mathematics. In grades group II (BII) are students who have completed supplemental courses at komvux (adult education) in order to meet the entry requirements, or to raise their merit rating.

You can read more about selections here.

Lowest admission score

National round

BI: 19,01

BII: 17,10

HP: 0,95

International round

BI: 17,14

BII: 17,30


Total amount of applicants: 1.042

Lowest admission score

National round

BI: 18,70

BII: 17,75

HP: 0,9

International round

BI: 17,45

BII: 17,40


Total amount of applicants: 1.044

Lowest admission score

National round

BI: 19,11

BII: 19,56

HP: 1,0

International round

BI: 19,0

BII: 19,0


Total amount of applicants: 1.253

Lowest admission score

National round

BI: 19,60

BII: 19,64

HP: 1,15

International round

BI: 19,33

BII: 19,09


Total amount of applicants: 1.271

Lowest admission score

National round

BI: 20,30

BII: 19,20

HP: 1,05

International round

BI: 20,25

BII: 19,40


Total amount of applicants: 1.201

Lowest admission score

National round

BI: 19,83

BII: 19,10

HP: 1,05

International round

BI: 19,15

BII: -


Total amount of applicants: 1.237