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Arvin Khoshnood


  • Occupation: Programme Coordinator and Academic Adviser for the master's programme in International Development and Management (LUMID) and Human Geography (HUGE), and Academic Adviser for free standing course in Human Geography.
  • Education: M.Sc. in Human Geography, M.Sc. in Policital Science, B.Sc. in Human Geography, B.Sc. in Political Science, B.Sc. in Intelligence Analysis from Lund University.


  • Khoshnood, Ardavan & Khoshnood, Arvin (in press). "The Shah's illness and the West's role in the Islamic revolution of Iran", in Middle East Quarterly.
  • Khoshnood, Ardavan & Khoshnood, Arvin (2016). "The Death of an Emperor – Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and His Political Cancer", in Alexandria Journal of Medicine, 52:3, p. 201-208.
  • Khoshnood, Arvin (2012). ”Islam framförallt – Islamiska republiken Irans utrikespolitiska mål” [Islam above all - the Islamic Republic of Iran's foreign policy objectives], in Orientaliska studier, no. 132, p. 52-93.
  • Khoshnood, Arvin (2012). ”Sista ordet – Beslutsfattande i Islamiska republiken Irans utrikespolitik” [The Last Word - Decision Making in the Islamic Republic of Iran's Foreign Policy], in Orientaliska studier, no. 130, p. 16-48.
  •  Khoshnood, Arvin (2011). ”Kinas blickar mot Västasien – Om drakens hunger efter allierade, vapen och olja” [The Chinese Look toward the West Asia – About the Dragon’s Hunger for Allies, Weapons and Oil], in Orientaliska studier, no. 127, p. 21-41.
  • Khoshnood, Arvin (2010). “»The spirit of trade» Internationell handel och demokrati i Iran 1980-2006” [The Spirit of Trade - International Trade and Democracy in Iran 1980-2006], in Geografiska notiser, no. 4, p. 158-170.
  • Khoshnood, Arvin (2009). ”Den iranska eliten vill inte ha demokrati” [The Iranian Elite Does Not Want Democracy] in Internationella studier no 4, p. 113-115. Reply on Jönsson, Per, ”Iran – ett land i uppror”, in Internationella studier (2009), no 3.


  • Khoshnood, Arvin (2017). "Poverty in the Post-Nuclear Agreement Iran - The Dilemma of Lifting the Sanctions". Lecture at University of Rome Tor Vergata, B.A. in Global Governance programme, November 16, Rome, Italy.
  • Khoshnood, Arvin (2014). "Human Rights Violations in Iran - Tortures, executions and de-development since 1979". Lecture for Amnesty International, February 11, Lund, Sweden.

Conference Contributions

  • Khoshnood, Arvin (2017). "Deprivation in Iran – Poverty, Islam and Regime Security". Presented on the 2017 Salzburg Conference in Interdisciplinary Poverty Research: Religion and Poverty at University of Salzburg, September 21-22, Salzburg, Austria.
  • Khoshnood, Arvin (2017). "Securitization of Poverty – Ali Khamenei’s Poverty Discourse and Determination of the Poverty Line in Iran". Presented on Symposia Iranica's Third Biennial Conference at University of Cambridge , April 11-12, Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  • Khoshnood, Arvin (2016). “Poverty as a Regime Security Objective – The Case of Islamic Republic of Iran". Presented on the Development Research Day - End Hunger and Achieve Food Security by 2030, arranged by Department of Human Geography, at Lund University, November 10, Lund, Sweden.
  • Khoshnood, Arvin (2013). “Water Scarcity in the Levant: The Cost of Water, War and Co-operation”. Presented on the 17th Annual International Conference on Economics and Security, arranged by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and Economists of Peace and Security, June 14-15, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Khoshnood, Arvin (2011). “War or Cooperation? – The Role of Water in the Future of the Jordan River”. Presented on the Development Research Day - Development, Peace and Statebuilding, arranged by Peace and Conflict Studies andDepartment of Political Science at Lund University, September 21, Lund, Sweden.

Book Reviews

  • Khoshnood, Arvin (2016). "Ny bok om Iran" [Hovsepian-Bearce, Yvette (2016). The Political Ideology of Ayatollah Khamenei – Out of the mouth of the Supreme Leader of Iran. London: Routledge] in Orientaliska studier, no. 145, p. 116-120.
  • Khoshnood, Arvin (2014). ”Bokrecension om Iran” [Gilly, Pierre (2013). Informationskriget mot Iran. Stockholm: Verbal förlag.], in Orientaliska studier, no. 137, p. 85-99.


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