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New Student? Welcome!

Here you can find important information as a new student at our Department regarding registration at the Student Portal, your Student Account, schedules and introduction meetings!

Happy Students Spring 2018

Welcome to the Department of Human Geography!


We know there's a lot to get organised when you are a new student, so we have compiled a short task list to help you get started:

1. Have you received your Student Account?

Your student account (ID and password) will be sent to you by the Lund University’s central administrative team. You use your student account to as login for the Student Portal, the course portal Live@Lund and to access your student email. If you haven't received information regarding your student account, how to activate your student account or if you're having any problem with your account, please contact LU Servicedesk: +46 46 222 90 00 or servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se.

Read more about your student account here

2. Have you registered to your courses online through the Student Portal?

The Department of Human Geography uses online registration. This requires you as a student to register online at the Student Portal prior to the start of the course, between one week before the course start and no later than September 3rd when the online registration will close. It's very important that you register yourself online so you don't lose your spot on the course to a waiting reserve.

3. Have you checked out the course portal on Live@Lund?

All course documents, such as schedule, syllabus, reading lists, groups, assignments and more, will be posted on the course page on Live@Lund. Teachers and course conveners will also communicate information to the students there and some assignments will be uploaded through Live@Lund as well. As a registered student, use your Student Account to log in.

4. Do you know when and where the course introduction meeting is?

The course introductions for each course is mandatory. It's therefore important to check the latest update of the course schedule to know when and where the meeting will be held. The latest updated schedule can always be found on the course page on Live@Lund. We also publish all schedules and introduction meetings for module 1 on our website a couple of weeks before the semester starts. Please note that the schedule might have changed since then, and be sure to check Live@Lund for up to date schedules! If you for some reason cannot attend to the course introduction, please notify the teacher responsible for the course meeting.

5. Click here to get more tips and information from Lund University!


Again, a warm welcome to all students for autumn 2018!

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