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Some problems of local development : The example of former state agricultural farms in Poland


  • Marcin Feltynowski
  • Adam Senetra
  • Jadwiga Biegańska
  • Elżbieta Grzelak-Kostulska
  • Mirek Dymitrow
  • Stefania Środa-Murawska

Summary, in English

The paper aims at examining the levels of social cohesion and socio-economic dysfunctionality in former State Agricultural Farms (post-PGR) areas and at assessing the possibilities for initiating bottom-up actions, and for participating in the creation of mechanisms for local development. Data used in the study was obtained in multimethods approach, i.e. mainly during a questionnaire survey, in-depth interviews and observation concerning the financial situation and the social environment (social problems and cohesion), that is, the elements predicted to be the key factors obstructing effective corrective actions within local development. We have demonstrated that post-PGR areas should be treated as especially problematic not only because of their economic dysfunctionality, but mainly because of the complex social problems they experience (lack of local ties, hostility, aggression between neighbors). Such a difficult environment requires substantial interference which should take into account the problems specific to the population. The threat resulting from the heterogeneity of such communities should be a significant factor shaping the perception of local development problems.


  • Human Geography


  • Local development
  • Poland
  • Rural areas
  • State Agricultural Farm

Conference name

21st International Scientific Conference Research for Rural Development, 2015

Conference date

2015-05-13 - 2015-05-15

Conference place

Jelgava, Latvia




  • ISSN: 1691-4031