Johan Pries

Johan Pries


Johan Pries

The antifascist blockades in Lund 1991-1993 : Shifting repertoires of contention between local cultures of protest and trans-local connections.


  • Johan Pries
  • Andres Brink Pinto

Summary, in English

This paper looks at the how a new kind of South Scandinavian radical left emerged around 1990. It argues that its repertoire of contention neither can be understood as simply a product of struggles in local contexts or as diffusion of an already existing repertoire through trans-local mobilisations. The contingent history of the counter-claims to the far right Charles XII march in Lund throughout 1980s produced Lund as a key site for intervention and experimentation by movements in the making. Experiences made in defence of squatted houses in Copenhagen gave the militant anti-fascists the upper hand against an unprepared police in Lund, as it was combined with local political imaginaries and practices. The trans-local linking of two different situated streams of struggles not only produced a new repertoire by assembling elements of both, but also seems to have been crucial in constructing a regional scale of intervention as crucial to the young antifascist movement.

By being part of the invention of a new kind of militant anti-fascist repertoire of contention the actors also reinvented themselves. The radical left was transformed by employing tested practices in this new political context. The experiences in Lund were part of a series of events that shaped the political imagination and repertoires of contention for the far left in Southern Scandinavia for at least a decade, and would resonate as a crucial historical lesson for longer than that.


  • History


  • radical left
  • social movements
  • spatial claims
  • repertoires of contention
  • diffusion
  • trans-local connections
  • politics of scale
  • militant anti-fascism
  • Scandinavia
  • Copenhagen

Conference name

12th International Conference on Urban History : Cities in Europe, Cities in the World

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Lisbon, Portugal