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Wim Carton

Admitted to PhD Programme: 2011-09-01

  • Undervisar på SGEA10, del 2


Wim Carton holds Master degrees in History (Ghent University, 2006) and International Relations and Development Studies (Aalborg University, 2009). He started as a PhD candidate at the department in September 2011, after completing internships with the EU Committee of the Regions in Brussels and the World Meteorological Organization in Geneva. At Lund University he is also part of the Lund University Centre of Excellence for the Integration of Social and Natural Dimensions of Sustainability (LUCID), an interdisciplinary research center bringing together PhD candidates working on sustainability issues. His research interests include the political economy of climate change and sustainability challenges more broadly, political ecology, the commodification of nature, critical social theory, global environmental governance, and the ecological dimensions of society-nature articulations.

Current research project

The last few decades have seen the mainstreaming of a particular form of climate policy that puts a lot of faith in the mechanisms of the market. But do these mechanisms deliver what they promise? And what are the broader environmental implications of the choice for market-based policies?

Wim's dissertation project examines market-based climate policy as one instance of the commodification of nature. It argues for the need to take seriously the spatial and temporal contexts within which such policies are deployed, and to recognize that market mechanisms are not neutral instruments but in fundamental ways interact with the historical legacy of fossil fuel development and the broader socioecological conditions of capitalist society. Their outcomes cannot be understood outside of these contexts. Recognizing this offers insights on the conditions for improving current policies, or the formulation of alternatives.


E-mail: wim [dot] carton [at] lucsus [dot] lu [dot] se

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