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Wim Carton

Research area

Political ecology, climate change mitigation, carbon forestry, carbon sequestration, perennial agriculture, carbon dioxide removal, socio-ecological theory, environmental geography, environmental justice

Current research

I am currently involved in two research projects. The first project, for which I received a FORMAS mobility grant, studies two carbon offsetting projects in the global South, with direct links to Swedish consumers. The focus in this project is on the notion of 'carbon', the way it is conceptualized and practiced at different moments along the carbon offsetting value chain, and the conflicts and sustainability problems these different understandings of carbon give rise to. The second project is a larger research collaboration on Sustainability and Resilience in which I am currently the coordinator. Together with smallholder farmers in Uganda, we are experimenting with various perennial farming systems as a way to decrease vulnerability to extreme weather events and other environmental stressors. Aside from these projects, I am pursuing my broader interest in the political ecology of carbon sequestration with research on negative emission debates and carbon dioxide removal as proposed in climate models. 

Theoretically and methodologically, my research is situated within the broad field of political ecology, and in the past has drawn inspiration from debates on the commodification and neoliberalization of nature. I also draw my inspiration from energy studies, environmental and climate justice, environmental history and Marxist political economy among others. 

All my publications are available through researchgate. If you would like the published version for any of them and cannot get a hold of it, just send me an email and I will send it to you.


I'm involved in a number of courses at LUCSUS and at the Department of Human Geography, focused mostly on political ecology and environmental sustainability. I'm responsible for two courses:

- SGEA20/2 on Global Challenges, an undergraduate course in 'Global Challenges' at the Human Geography department. 

- MESS55 on Political Ecology, an elective master course for the LUMES program

I am particularly interested in supervising student projects and theses that pursue topics related to the political economy and/or political ecology of climate change, climate change policy, renewable energy developments, biodiversity and sustainable agriculture and forestry. This could for example include a thematic focus on carbon forestry, carbon offsetting, biodiversity offsetting, negative emission technologies, climate and environmental justice, EU and/or Swedish forest policy, climate smart agriculture, agroforestry, rewilding, ... I'm of course open for other proposals as well.


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E-mail: wim [dot] carton [at] LUCSUS [dot] lu [dot] se

Associate senior lecturer

LUCSUS (Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies)


The Department of Human Geography
and the Human Ecology Division

Address: Sölvegatan 10,
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Phone: 046-222 17 59

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