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Noura Alkhalili

AAdmitted to PhD Programme: 2012-07-01

Supervisor: Guy Baeten

Assistant supervisor: Andreas Malm

Noura Alkhalili is currently a PhD candidate in Human Geography.  She holds a B.Sc. in Architecture from Birzeit University/ Palestine (2005) and a M.Sc. in Urban Planning and Policy Design from Politecnico di Milano/ Italy (2009). Noura has been a visiting scholar at the Institute of Urban and Regional Development (IURD) at the University of California at Berkeley during the spring semester 2014. Noura’s research interests concern colonialism, urbanism, contested spaces, borders and popular practices of resistance.  She is also interested in the decolonization process of knowledge production in colonial and post-colonial contexts. 




Alkhalili, N (2017): ‘A forest of urbanization’: Camp Metropolis in the edge areas, Settler Colonial Studies, online 11 December 2017

Alkhalili, N (2017) Enclosures from Below: The Mushaa' in Contemporary Palestine. Antipode, Volume 49, Issue 4, 1103-1124

Alkhalili, N (2017) Protection from Below: On Waqf between Theft and Morality. Jerusalem Quarterly, Issue 70, 62-74


Alkhalili, N, Dajani, M & De Leo, D (2014), Shifting realities: dislocating Palestinian Jerusalemites from the capital to the edge. International Journal of Housing Policy, Volume 13, issue 3, 257-267


Alkhalili, N, Dajani, M & De Leo, D (2013) Planned Informality as a by-product of the Occupation. Planum, Journal of Urbanism, n.26, vol.1/2013, 


Alkhalili, N (2012) Contestation of Space. Berkeley Planning Journal, 25(1)

Alkhalili, N (2012) Ramallah: The 'Transforming City'. Arena of Speculation 


Human Geography
E-mail: noura [dot] alkhalili [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se

Senior lecturer

Department of Human Geography


The Department of Human Geography
and the Human Ecology Division

Address: Sölvegatan 10,
223 62 Lund
Phone: 046-222 17 59

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