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Mona Tykesson Klubien

  • Teaches on 5 courses
  • Course convener for SGEL34, SGEL44 and SGEL45


Mona teaches GIS at most of the department’s GIS-courses and at other courses in Human Geography and Human Ecology with elements of GIS: 

  • SGEG10: GIS: Geographical Information System for the Social Sciences, introduction with applications
  • SGEL34: GIS: Theoretical and Practical Applications within Planning
  • SGEL44: GIS in Urban and Regional Planning: Project work 
  • SGEL45: GIS in Regional Planning
  • SGEA22:3 Human Geography: Level 2: Planning and GIS-project
  • HEKA22:2: Human Ecology: Level 2: Environment, culture and development: Environmental history

Ongoing research

In addition to the teaching Mona works in a Malmö University based research project: 

  • Residential fires in metropolitan areas - spatial differences and fire safety work in the socially fragmented city. Time period: 2014-01-01-2017-06-30. Funded by: MSB.

Within previous research projects, Mona has together with Nicklas Guldåker, Ola Hall and PO Hallin developed a geodatabase containing geodata and socio-economical variables on Malmö and Helsingborg:

  • M-database - development of a research (geo) database. Time period: 2011-ongoing. Funded by Malmö University. 


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Mona Tykesson
Mona Tykesson
E-mail: mona [dot] tykesson_klubien [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se


Department of Human Geography

+46 46 222 84 19

418: Geocentrum I


Additional Publications

Bohman, Helena; Gerell, Manne; Lundsten, Jonas; Tykesson, Mona (2013) Stadens bränder, del 2. Publisher: Malmö University Publications in Urban Studies, ISBN: 9789198105803

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