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Mariko Takedomi Karlsson

PhD student 



I am currently a PhD student in Human Ecology at the Department of Human Geography, Lund University. I hold a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney, and a Master of Science in Human Ecology: Culture, Power, and Sustainability from Lund University. As I became interested in the human-environmental relations that interplay with global power structures and economics systems, I turned to the field of human and political ecology. My broad interests include environmental and social justice, and I believe exploring the intersections between class, race, gender, and culture is highly important for understanding the complexities of the environmental issues and sustainability challenges that we face today. 


Current Research: 

My current research focuses on consumerism and the consumption of fashion. The fashion industry is a large emitter of CO2, a heavy polluter and extremely resource intensive. Apart from its environmental burden in the Global South (where most clothes are manufactured), the industry also relies heavily on cheap female labour. In my research, I investigate how fashion companies incorporate elements of female empowerment and environmental sustainability into their advertisements in order to attract female consumers. The research endeavours to shed light on the contradictions laden within feminist and sustainability discourses in the fashion industry. 


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E-mail: mariko [dot] takedomi_karlsson [at] hek [dot] lu [dot] se

Doctoral student

Human Ecology


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