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Hans Antonson


Landscape is in focus in my research. According to Swedish law, landscape is an environmental and land use issue. One of Sweden’s foremost institutions for landscape research is the Department of Human Geography at Lund University. Research on the landscape has been conducted there for more than seven decades. Landscape attracts considerably more attention today than it did just five years ago. 

My research encompasses four areas: 

  1. The historical content of the landscape and the question of heritage. E.g. how to reconstruct historical landscapes in order to understand the changes that have taken place up to the present day.
  2. Landscape planning. E.g. how landscape is treated in in day-to-day planning practice such as Environmental Impact Assessment or in municipalities work on climate change.
  3. Experience of landscape. E.g. how people are influenced by various landscape types, and how that has a bearing on traffic safety, i.e. their driving skills.
  4. Tools for landscape planning and damage assessments. E.g. a model for how to work with differing landscape characters and to describe change in the landscape by comparing older depictions (in art and photography) with today’s landscape.


Retrieved from Lund University's publications database



Retrieved from Lund University's publications database


Retrieved from Lund University's publications database

Human Geography
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