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Franz-Michael Rundquist

  • Teaches on 5 courses
  • Supervises Bachelor's and Master's theses


Doing research and teach primarily within the fields of Development Studies, Development Geography and Population Geography; Chairman of the Board of the Steering Group for the BIDS program (Bachelor in Development Studies).

Principal areas of research interest are related to Agricultural Development and Population Issues. Two regions have been the focus of most of my research – Africa, particularly East Africa and South-East Asia.

My teaching has had a focus on general global development issues with a strong link to Development Theory. I have also taught a lot on global population issues with a special focus on “Third World” population issues. Within the latter field I have discussed rather extensively the consequences of the AIDS-epidemic for future development. An additional strong focus of my teaching has been on methodology, particularly quantitative method and GIS (Geographical Information Systems).

Current research projects

Within the area of agricultural research I have for an extended period been involved in a project studying diversification of South-East Asian agriculture, primarily Vietnam. The project is a longitudinal study based on panel data for about 200 farm household each in the Red River and Mekong Deltas in Vietnam. The periods for which data so far is available are 1999, 2002 and 2005. We hope, however, that we shall be able to carry out at least one more data collection round in a near future.

Ongoing research on Population Issues concerns the consequences of the AIDS-epidemic in Africa, particularly Tanzania. This project looks at the socio-economic consequences or the epidemic and is presently in a write-up stage.


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