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Erik Jönsson


Since January 2014 I am working on a three year research project scrutinizing the political ecology of in vitro meat (FORMAS 2013-1510 - Bypassing the beast: Exploring the political ecology of in vitro meat). Herein I strive to grapple the roles ascribed to new food production systems in discourses on sustainable diets, the future landscapes envisioned by in vitro meat proponents, and the current production processes of in vitro meat.

Other research interests primarily concern the political ecology of leisure, future visions and/in spatial planning, and historical landscape geography.


Recent publications:


Jönsson, E., Linné, T. & McCrow-Young, A. (accepted) Many meats, many milks, many mayos? The ontological politics of a proposed post-animal revolution. Science as Culture.


Jönsson, E. & Holgersen, S. (2017) Spectacular, realisable and ‘everyday’: Exploring the particularities of sustainable planning in Malmö. CITY Online First.

Carton, W., Jönsson, E. & Bustos, B. (2017) Revisiting the 'subsumption of nature': resource use in times of environmental change. Society and Natural Resources 30(7): 789-796

Jönsson, E. (2017) On Resurrected Nuggets and Sphincter Windows: Cultured meat, art, and the discursive subsumption of nature. Society and Natural Resources 30(7): 844-859

Jönsson, E. (2017) Att ta djuret ur ekvationen: bioteknik, entreprenörsaktivism och köttets politiska ekologi. In: Jönsson, E. & Andersson, E. (eds.) Politisk Ekologi: om makt och miljöer Lund: Studentlitteratur, 305-332.

Jönsson, E. & Andersson, E. (2017) Politisk ekologi: en produktiv spretighet? In: Jönsson, E. & Andersson, E. (eds.) Politisk Ekologi: om makt och miljöer Lund: Studentlitteratur, 13-43.

Andersson, E. & Jönsson, E. (2017) Avslutning: det personliga är politisk-ekologiskt. In: Jönsson, E. & Andersson, E. (eds.) Politisk Ekologi: om makt och miljöer Lund: Studentlitteratur, 361-368.


Jönsson, E. (2016) Trump in Scotland: a study of power-topologies and golf-topographies. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. 40(3): 559-577

Jönsson, E. (2016) Benevolent Technotopias and Hitherto Unimaginable Meats: tracing the promises of In Vitro Meat. Social Studies of Science 46(5): 725-748

Jönsson, E. (2016) The Nature of an Upscale Nature: Bro Hof Slott Golf Club and the Political Ecology of High-End Golf. Tourist Studies 16(3): 315–336

Jönsson, E. (2016) Anthropocene ambiguities: Upscale golf, analytical abstractions, and the particularities of environmental transformation. In: Huijbens E. and Gren, M. (eds.) Tourism and the Anthropocene. London: Routledge, 152-169.


Jönsson, E. (2015) Brogård backwards: The high-end golf landscape, and the morphology of manorial space. Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography 97(4): 309-324


Jönsson, E. & Baeten, G. (2014) “Because I am who I am and my mother is Scottish”: neoliberal planning and entrepreneurial instincts at Trump International Golf Links Scotland. Space and Polity 18(1): 54-69

Jönsson, E. (2014) Contested expectations: Trump International Golf Links Scotland, polarised visions, and the making of the Menie Estate landscape as resource. Geoforum, 52: 226-235


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