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Late application

Courses available for late application

Here you can find all of our courses that will open for late applications on December 15 2017.

International students apply through (Swedish students: Please note that the late applications will be considered in the applied chronological order. If you forgot to apply for the spring courses, or if you forgot to reply "yes" on the first round, please send in your late application as soon as possible!


HEKA12     Human Ecology: Environment, Culture and Development – Level 1, 30 credits
                   Code: 63301

HEKA22     Human Ecology: Environment, Culture and Development – Level 2, 30 credits
                   Code: 63311

HEKM41    Human Ecology: Master's (One Year) Thesis Course, 15 credits
                   Code: 63433

HEKM51    Human Ecology: Master's (Two Years) Thesis Course, 30 credits
                   Code: 63443

HEKN14    Human Ecology: Political Ecology, Crisis, And Identity, 15 credits
                  Code: 63403

SGEA20    Human Geography: Level 1, 30 credits
                  Code: 64501

SGEA23    Human Geography: Level 2, 30 credits
                  Code: 64511

SGED07    Human Geography: Field Work/Internship and Research Overview, 15 credits
                  Code: 64523

SGED10    Human Geography: Bachelor’s Thesis in Development Studies, 15 credits
                  Code: 64563

SGEG16    GIS in Social Science – Basic Level, 7.5 credits
                  Code: 64531

SGEG17    GIS in Development Studies – Applications, 7.5 credits
                  Code: 64541

SGEG20    GIS: Geographical Information System for the Social Sciences - Introduction with Applications, 30 credits
                  Code: 64551

SGEL28    Human Geography: Regional Dynamics and Planning, 7.5 credits
                  Code: 64603

SGEL31    Human Geography: Project Work, 7.5 credits
                  Code: 64613

SGEL36    Human Geography: Bachelor Thesis in Urban and Regional Planning, 15 credits
                  Code: 64663

SGEL49    Human Geography: Sustainable Development in a Global, Regional and Local Perspective, 7.5 credits
                  Code: 64623

SGEL50    Human Geography: Urban Social Geography, 7.5 credits
                  Code: 64633

SGEL57    Human Geography: Urban and Regional Dynamics, New Research Directions, 15 credits
                  Code: 64673

SGEM08   Human Geography: Master's (Two Years) Thesis, 30 credits
                  Code: 64771

SGEM25   Human Geography: GIS and Fieldwork Methodology, 7.5 credits
                  Code: 64723

UTVC24    Development Studies: Theory of Science and Research Methods: An Introduction, 15 credits
                  Code: 64693