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Apply for your degree

The degree certificate is issued upon your request by the Degree Office once your studies are completed.

Bachelor's degree

If you started to study in Sweden after 2007, you must have exactly 180 credits in your Bachelor's degree. Your academic achievements on the courses that cannot be included in your Bachelor's degree can be documented in a course certificate that you download from your Student Portal. 

If you accomplished more than 180 credits on Bachelor's level, you should choose which courses are included in you degree. If you are a programme student, there are specific rules about which courses can be included. Contact your programme coordinator or study advisor if you have any questions. 

If you started to study in Sweden before 2007, you might have a chance to include more than 180 credits in your degree.  

Master's degree

Master's degree in Sweden should include 120 credits (masterexamen) or 60 credits (magisterexamen). In your programme syllabus you can find information about which courses should be included in your degree. Contact your programme coordinator or study advisor if you have any questions. 

Important information

Only accomplished courses can be included in the degree. 

Your Department does not issue your degree certificate! The service is administrated by the Degree Office of Lund University.

It can take up to 8 weeks before your application for degree certificate will be processed.

If you decide to study Master's programme right after your Bachelor's studies, you need to have an issued Bachelor's degree (with transcript of records) before you can be registered on your Master's programme. 

Apply for your degree certificate