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Spring 2019

Preliminary schedules
This page presents preliminary schedules for courses starting in module 1, January 2019. Please note that these are preliminary schedules, so make sure to check the course page on Live@Lund for the latest updated schedule!

For courses starting in Module 2 , the schedules will be published on the course platform Live@Lund no later than one month before course start.

Click here to go to the course plattform Live@Lund!


Freestanding courses, Spring 2019

Bachelor's in Urban and Regional Planning (SGSPL), Spring 2019

SGEL49 - Sustainable development from a Global, Regional and Local perspective
(updated 2019-01-09)

Bachelor's in Development Studies (SGUTV), Spring 2019

UTVC23- Development Studies: Development Theories
(updated 2019-01-07)

UTVC24 -Development Studies: Theory of Science and Research Methods: An Introduction
(updated 2019-01-07)

SGED07- Field Work/Internship and Research Overview
(updated 2019-01-07)

1) Desk study activities & schema

2) Fieldwork activities & schema

3) Internship activities & schema

Master's in Human Geography (HUGE), Spring 2019


Master's in Human Ecology (CPS), Spring 2019

HEKN14 - Human Ecology: Political Ecology, Crisis, and Identity
(updated 2019-01-07)

Master's in International Development and Management (LUMID), Spring 2019

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Wednesday June 19th: 10:00-12:00


June 20th - August 21st: Closed

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The Department of Human Geography
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