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Application assessment

The LUMID programme is proud to receive applications from a large group of motivated and ambitious applicants. With over 1000 applications each year for the limited 40 available spots, competition is fierce. The following information will hopefully assist your planning well in advance for a successful future application with us.

The LUMID programme has three main assessment criteria:

  1. Academic grades
  2. Relevant work experience on your CV
  3. Statement of Purpose (SoP)

These assessment criteria are evaluated jointly to admit the best possible candidate for the program

1. Academic grades

The structure of the LUMID programme and its elevated pace requires students who are used to performing at a high academic level. In recent years, a significant majority of admitted students have maintained a CGPA of at least 3.5 out of 4. Please note that we take into account different grading systems in various countries and higher-education institutions when reviewing your application.

2. Relevant work experience on your CV

Lectures and seminars in the LUMID programme are in many cases based on group work and interactive learning. We firmly believe that by grounding our analysis in real life experiences we are able to create synergies between students of various disciplinary and geographical backgrounds. Therefore, we are looking for candidates with relevant work experience, including voluntary work, internships, and professional work experience. Field based experience is particularly valued in order to ensure a successful field semester. Furthermore, we require candidates to demonstrate a firm interest and engagement in development studies including, for example, in their after-school or summer activities.

3. Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose gives a prospective student the opportunity to explain why LUMID is the right programme for him or her and how he or she would be a valuable contributor to the LUMID programme. 
More information about the statement of purpose.

Please note that due to our limited resources we will not be able to provide individual feedback to prospective students on matters related to their grades, CVs, SoP’s or future applications. Personal contact with the LUMID staff or faculty members does not in any way contribute to the success of the application. You are welcome to contact us at lumid [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se (lumid[at]keg[dot]lu[dot]se) with any questions that might not have been covered on our website.  

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