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New Director of Studies on the Lumid programme

Dear Lumid students,

Dr Johan Sandberg has been the Director of Studies for Lumid since 2015. Recently he received the information that he, in tough competition, was selected for a position at the Department of Sociology at LU. He is now an associate lecturer and his new work assignment can unfortunately not be combined with the assignment as Director of Studies of Lumid. We congratulate Johan to his new position and are at the same time relieved to know that he will remain in Lund and that he will continue to be involved in Lumid although the exact details about his availability for teaching at Lumid has not yet been decided. Johan will continue his assignment as Lumid director until the end of January 2018.

Thank you Johan for dedicated and professional work for the past three years! You have contributed immensely to the strengthening and development of the program! It has been a true pleasure to work together and we wish you the best of luck with your new position!


Luckily, Lumid has been able to attract a new Director of Studies, Dr Srilata Sircar from the Department of Human Geography. Srilata is, as you know, a well-known teacher in several Lumid courses. We are very happy that Srilata accepted to take on the assignment and we look forward to the cooperation. Johan and Srilata have already started the processes of shifting leadership and they will work together to make the transfer smooth.

Providing a short presentation of herself Srilata wrote:

Srilata Sircar

We are very optimistic about Lumid’s future and we continue to always think of you and communicate with you, Lumid students, as we continuously try to develop the program.

On behalf of the Steering Committee of Lumid

Professor Magnus Jirström, Chair



The Department of Human Geography
and the Human Ecology Division

Address: Sölvegatan 10,
223 62 Lund
Phone: 046-222 17 59

Faculty of Social Sciences