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At the bottom of the page, a list of LUMID's steering committee (chairman and vice-chariman) and faculty members is presented.

Johan Sandberg

Johan Sandberg
Director of Studies

Phone: +46 (0)46 222 43 70
E-mail: johan [dot] sandberg [at] soc [dot] lu [dot] se

Arvin Khoshnood

Arvin Khoshnood
Programme Coordinator/Academic Adviser


Sahar Valizadeh

Sahar Valizadeh


LUMID Steering Group


Magnus Jirström  (Chairman of the LUMID steering group)

Anette Agardh  (Vice-Chairman of the LUMID steering group)

Anders Uhlin

Linus Zhang

Barbara Schulte

Lennart Olsson

Christopher Mathieu

Marija Brdarski (Invited member)

Sofie Viborg Jensen (Student Representative)

Sonja Bloch (Student Representative)

LUMID faculty members


Agnes Andersson Djurfeldt (Course Director of MIDM45)

Martin Andersson

Joakim Anger

Tobias Axelsson

Sara Brogaard (Course Director of MIDM24)

Lisa Eklund (Course Director of MIDM12)

Maria Emmelin

William English

Olle Frödin

Catia Gregoratti

Markus Grillitsch

Ellen Hillbom

Anne Jerneck (Course Director of MIDM18)

Magnus Jirström

Kristina Jönsson

Ulf Kristoffersson

Markus Larsson (Course Director of MIDA13)

Johan Sandberg (Course Director of MIDA11, MIDM12, MIDM19, MIDM26 and MIDM48)

Srilata Sircar

Martin Stafström

Christopher Swader

Anders Uhlin

Linus Zhang

Ann Åkerman

Per-Olof Östergren

Christopher Mathieu


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