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David Örbring

Research in Educational Sciences - Geographical Education

My name is David Örbring and I am a doctoral student in Educational Sciences at the department of Educational Sciences at Lund University specializing in Geographical Education. I am also a qualified teacher in Geography and Swedish, author of educational material, currently the secretary of Geografilärarnas Riksförening and one of the editors of the magazine Geografiska Notiser.   

My research aims to seek answers to how geography teachers describe their work to develop students’ geographical abilities. Furthermore I want to relate the teachers’ descriptions of geographical abilities to how the term is used in a national and international context and in compare with other related terms such as geographical skills and competencies.

My aim is also to relate the teachers’ description to the traditions of geography, to the view of knowledge and the teachers’ goals and to the purpose with their teaching. Also relevant is to do research about the intentions behind the policy documents for geography teachers. My research is consisting of various qualitative methods: reflections of recorded lessons together with the teachers’ and interviews with teachers’ and others which are involved in the process of making the policy documents.

I am involved in two international projects: 

  • Geographical disparities 

Research about how teachers view their subject, relevant is the interrelation between school geography and academic geography. Chile, Portugal, Singapore, UK and Sweden is taking part in the project. 

  • GecCapabilities 

I am an associate partner in the project. For more information about it look at the project's homepage. 

GecCapabilities project's homepage

David Örbring: additional profile information and list of publications 

David Örbring
E-mail: david [dot] orbring [at] uvet [dot] lu [dot] se

Doctoral student

Educational Sciences



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