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CO-HOPE/ Collaborative Housing in a Pandemic Era

Research project in Human Geography

Project's title: CO-HOPE / Collaborative Housing in a Pandemic Era

Duration: April 1 2022 - March 31 2025

Contact person: Anders Lund Hansen

Budget: 1.132.842,00 € 

European Funding Agency: JPI Urban Europe


The (human) right to the city includes the right to live somewhere in security, peace and dignity. Globally, the prevailing market-oriented policies focusing on housing as a commodity have failed to enable adequate housing for all. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed this failure – also in Europe. CO-HOPE is a response to this health, housing and social crisis. Through theoretically informed applied research on collaborative housing, this project aims at generating potential-oriented recommendations for policymakers, and implementing an international capacity building programme on collaborative housing that tackles the affordability- integration-health nexus. The results are expected to contribute to a shift in housing politics and provision towards community-led projects that foster sustainable and just transformative urban developments.

Partners: Universidad de Sevilla (ES), Robert Temel (AT), Technische Universität Wien future.lab  Research Center [E285.1], Fakultät für Architektur und Raumplanung, (AT), UrbaMonde-France (FR), University of Lyon, Lyon School of Urban Anthropocene Studies (FR), The municipality of Lund (SE), Tampere University (FI), “Municipality of Sevilla; EMVISESA; Municipal de Vivienda, Suelo y Equipamiento de Sevilla S.A. (Municipal Housing Company, Municipality of Sevilla) (ES), Kollektivhus Nu (SE), Ferrum arkitekter AB (SE), Arkitektgården AB (SE), Sensus Studieförbund Region Skåne-Blekinge (SE), Taller Ecosocial Habitat4 (ES), Initiative Gemeinsam Bauen & Wohnen (AT), Hal’âge (FR), L’Epok (FR), Coordin’action du Mouvement National de l’Habitat Participatif (Habitat Participatif France) (FR)