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Carl-Johan Sanglert

  • Teaches on 5 courses


BA Archaeology, MA Geography, PhD Social and Economic Geography.

I have a professional background as an archaeologist and a historical geographer at various museums in Southern Sweden, and started my PhD-studies in 2006. My main research interests are landscapes, historical geography, heritage- and nature conservation, time geography and critical realism.

So far I have been teaching at various levels in human geography and planning, mainly courses in historical and cultural geography. I have also held a number of excursions on these themes.

Current research projects

In my research I analyze the handling of historical values in spatial planning, specifically in heritage and nature conservation, based on case studies from four municipalities in southern Sweden. Theoretically and methodologically my research takes its point of departure in time-geography and critical realism, aiming at a critical analysis of the interplay between discursive and physical aspects of landscapes.

My PhD-project was funded by the Swedish research council FORMAS and Swedish Heritage Board (RAÄ) and was carried out within two research projects supervised by professor Tomas Germundsson, “Landscapes of Interest – where do they end” (FORMAS) and “Consequences on/off the cultural landscape – The cultural landscape as a contemporary resource” (RAÄ).


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E-mail: carl-johan [dot] sanglert [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se

Visiting lecturer

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