Andreas Malm

Associate senior lecturer


Reversing the arrow of arrears: A primer on the concept of “ecological debt” and its value for environmental justice


  • Rikard Warlenius
  • Gregory Pierce
  • Andreas Malm
  • Alf Hornborg
  • Martin Oulu
  • Vasna Ramasar

Summary, in English

The aim of this paper is directly linked to the context within which it has been drafted, as ecological debt (including climate debt) has been identified as a key Ejolt concept, one that is in need of better elucidation if EJOs are to operationalize its possibilities in their ongoing activities. Readers of this paper (and especially EJO activists) should in this way not only find themselves introduced in a general sense to the concept of ecolo- gical debt but should also find inspiration in reflecting on how the concept might be of use in their ongoing struggles against inequality and injustice wherever they work in the world. As such, the action research that Ejolt represents, which aims at greater reciprocity and collaboration between academic theorization and civil practice, are further developed and normalised through the present text.


  • Social and Economic Geography


  • ecological debt
  • climate debt
  • environmental justice

Conference name

Workshop on ecological debt, including climate debt

Conference date


Conference place

Abuja, Nigeria