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Andrea Nardi

  • Teaches on 11 courses
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Maria Andrea Nardi has a PhD in Human Geography from Lund University (2011). She holds a MA in Geography (2002) and a MS in Agricultural Economics (2009), both from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently, she holds a position as senior lecturer at the Department of Human Geography at Lund University.

Andrea teaches in various courses in the Bachelor Programme in Development Studies (BIDS), the Lund University Master Programme in International Development and Management (LUMID), the International Master Programme in Human Ecology: Culture, Power, and Sustainability (CPS), and the Master Programme in Development Studies. She is also a guest lecturer at Copenhagen Business School.

Current research projects

Between 2008 and 2010 Andrea has been a guest researcher at the University of Roskilde and the University of Copenhagen. Since 1998 she is a member of the Programme of Regional Economies and Territorial Studies (PERT) at the Institute of Geography, University of Buenos Aires. Andrea has received grants from various Argentinean research agencies (UBA, ANPCyT and CONICET) and the European Commission for conducting her research.

Her research interests are related to the emergence of new rural geographies, environmental social movements, uneven and alternatives developments, new discourses and practices of re-organizing society, nature and space in Latin America and more recently, Africa. 

Her PhD research was focused on agro-ecology as an alternative agriculture movement in Northern Argentina linking food production and political participation of small-scale farmers with claims over space. Development as social change and territorial and environmental transformations are interlinked dimensions central to her research.

Currently, her interest focuses on access and use of nature (water and forest). Central to the analysis are the political economy and ecology around the use of water in the area of Lake Chad, particularly in Chad, and the use of bushmeat and other non-timber forest products in Korup National Park, Cameroon. These projects are in their first phase and funded by the Swedish government. In both cases, the methodologies used are based in quantitative and qualitative methods from an interdisciplinary approach (in the case of Chad, members of the research group are water engineers, political scientists, geographers; and ecologists, biologist, geographers in the case of Korup). In the particular case of Cameroon, fieldwork conducted in February (2014) focused on the socio-economic use of the rainforest in the west of the country by local communities inside and in the buffer area of Korup National Park.  Primary quantitative data was collected with a survey dealing with hunting, gathering and farming activities in four different villages. The research project, directed from the Department of Ecology, deals with the changing forest structure due to hunting activities, and the (im)possibilities of sustainable development. Central in the analysis is therefore, the human dimension of forest management for conservation.


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Human Geography
E-mail: andrea [dot] nardi [at] keg [dot] lu [dot] se

Senior lecturer

Department of Human Geography


Additional Publications

M. Manzanal & M.A. Nardi, 2008. “Modelos de intervención de los proyectos de desarrollo rural en la Argentina a partir de 1995” [Models of intervention in the rural development programmes in Argentina from 1995]. In A. Schejtman & O. Barsky (comp.) El desarrollo rural en la Argentina: un enfoque territorial [Rural development in Argentina: a territorial approach], Siglo XXI Editores, Buenos Aires. Pages 492 - 511. ISBN 978-987-6290-55-5.

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