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Geography was founded as a degree major discipline at Lund University in 1892. Five years later, in 1897, the first acting professorship in Geography (history and geography) was established, and the subject got a firmer institutional character. This role was further strengthened in 1909, when a permanent professorship in Geography was established.

The Department of Geography was initially located at the University Hall but was moved after a few years to the attic in Kungshuset / Lundagårdshuset. The Department remained there until 1930, when it was moved to the then newly built premises of Geology and Geography at Sölvegatan 13. In 2003 the Department changed its premises again - now to the newly established Geocentrum I at  Sölvegatan 10.

During the 1940s, the discipline's two main branches - Human and Physical Geography - developed academic specialisations in different directions, which led to increased demands on division of geography as a discipline. This division was carried out in the early 1950s when separate professorships in Human and Physical geography were established. 

The separation of Human and Physical Geography was further moved in the early 1960s when the academic fields were transferred to different faculties: Physical Geography became a part of the Faculty of Science, and Human Geography - of the then newly established Faculty of Social Sciences.

Another important event in the discipline's development occurred in the early 1960s, when a faculty of Economics was created at the University and a professorship in Economic Geography was established. In connection with this The Department's title in Swedish was supplemented to "Kulturgeografi och ekonomisk geografi" (Social and Economic Geography; changed to Human Geography). 

The latest addition to the Department's academic development and specialisation was taken in 2009, when the Department of Human Ecology left the The Faculty of Humanities and became a division of our Department. 

The Department today is a modern successful research institution wich received very good reviews in the University's internal research evaluation (RQ08). Both in research and education our Department is among the highest rated areas of the University and it hosts numerous relevant national and international research projects and educational programs. 

In total there are is about 60 people currently employed in various positions at the Department.

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