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Board's Responsibilities

The department is managed by the Department's Board which led by the Head of the Department.

The Department's Board is responsible for:

  • guidelines for organisation and distribituion of resources at the department;
  • examining the workflow at the department, analysing the results, and checking that the recourses are used effectively;
  • taking decision on questions forwarded to the Board;
  • sending nominations for the position of the head of the department and deputy head of the department to the Faculty Board.

The Head of the Department is responsible for the direct management of the department, specifically for:

  • good working conditions for students and employees as well as good cooperation within the department;
  • supervision of the staff and distribution of responsibilities among employees;
  • management of department's finances
  • admission of PhD students when the decision is delegated to the department;
  • comment on appointment of the open position at the department when the proposal is submitted by another part;
  • controlling that the Board's decision is followed;
  • fullfill other tasks appointed to the head of the department.

The Department's Board takes decision on:

- regarding undergraduate education:

  • amount of places for the department's freestanding courses;
  • deviation from the general rule of guaranteed admission to courses on a higher level;
  • course syllabi;
  • appointment of examiners;
  • complementary admission to courses;
  • accreditation of previous studies to courses that are not taken as a part of the educational programme.

The Head of the Department takes decision on:

- regarding financial matters:

  • approval of applications for research projects of less than 3 million SEK;
  • approval of contracts for less than 400 thousands SEK.

- regarding PhD education:

  • individual study plan for a PhD student;
  • admission to PhD programme;
  • appointment of examiners.

- regarding staff administrative matters:

  • appointing the position of a guest lecturer, teaching assistant, assistant and technical / administrative staff;
  • appointing the position of a teaching staff;
  • appointing the position of a PhD;
  • selection of a holder of a PhD grant;
  • definition of work routines for the department staff. 


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